Full Grain Leather Sling Bag Crossbody Chestpack

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Dry Clean Only 





Retro zippers 

Metal buckles 

Real leather hide 

Adjustable strap 

  • 3 colors brown, crunch, black 

  • BUFFALO Hide - This Large crossbody sling bag is made from Real leather, feels CASUAL and comfortable and use it years to come because of strong durable leather hide 

  • DESIGNED unique large bag 

  • FUNCTIONAL Build - 2 main zip compartments 3 zip pocket, 1 Big slot in middle for easy Access 

  • Dimension –W 10" D 5" x H 14"  

  • Great Gift - The retro Styles make it suitable for a variety of clothes and occasions. It's a great gift for all ideas 

  • its larger than normal sizes